Project Development Support

EVA has a knowledgeable, forward-thinking design and implementation team that’s committed to our client’s success. Drawing on extensive experience from developing our own renewable energy projects and working with different international partners on solar, wind and hydro power projects, Energio Verda is able to provide an efficient and comprehensive service, from country-level site searching to site validation and land securement. As a local partner, we have expertise in site identification, local government and stakeholder engagement, permitting, licensing and site approvals, quality assurance and understanding of the market. Our GIS database enables us to identify, at both country- and local-scales, promising sites, and potential risks for projects.

Our project development support services include:

Site identification, desktop-based via geospatial analysis and on-the-ground
Investment appraisal, due diligence, and feasibility studies
Enabling market environment - including permits and licenses acquisition, compliance with technical codes, and business planning and development
Land securing and community engagement
Procurement, such as equipment and vendor selection
Regulatory Support, such as market and regulatory risk analyses, and policy advocacy

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