Preparation of an off-grid electrification roadmap and the design of results-based financing instruments, Mozambique

Assignment: Reviewing existing studies utilizing geospatial tools for the off-grid market assessment to identify pockets for off-grid electrification; analyze identified pockets using geoprocessing tools on their relevance for the off-grid market, such as population density, distance from markets, financial service points, administrative centers, and accessibility (distance to roads, railways); data visualization and reporting.

Context: The overall objective of this assignment is to support the Government of Mozambique (GoM) and the Mozambican Energy Fund (FUNAE) in the preparation of their off-grid electrification roadmap, to serve as their planning tool and implementation plan to drive the Government of Mozambique’s off-grid access agenda under the “Programa Nacional de Energía para Todos”.

In addition, this assignment should generate the evidence and analysis to design an RBF mechanism to support targeted and accelerated implementation of the off-grid electrification roadmap.

  • Mozambique, country-wide
  • World Bank Group / Government of Mozambique / FUNAE
  • 2021 - ongoing