Large-scale solar/wind/biomass renewable energy feasibility study

Assignment: Data gathering, logistics, assisting with site identification, organizing and participating in site visits, acquisition of the land for solar PV/wind measurement masts, sourcing of local subcontractors, licenses & permits, local stakeholders engagement.

Context: Large-scale feasibility study to quantify the potential of wind, solar PV, and biomass sources, work out a feasibility study for a number of preselected sites, assess its impact on the general grid structure, and evaluate the existing incentive schemes to promote and implement renewable energy projects in Tanzania. The specific objective for the wind energy part of the study is to identify suitable locations for at least 3 x 50MW wind farms. The study included a wind measurement campaign in three different locations.

  • Tanzania, country-wide
  • 3E
  • 2013- 2015

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