About us

Our Mission

We are committed to the idea that renewable energy can and should empower and enrich communities and whole economies.

Our Vision

We believe in the potential of Africa and in the importance of affordable and reliable energy as a major development driver.

Our Goal

Is to transform East Africa’s renewable resource potential into clean, sustainable, and accessible energy.
Who We Are

About Us Energio Verda Africa (EVA)

Energio Verda Africa (EVA) is a Tanzanian-based development and research consultancy that specializes in all technical, environmental, commercial, and regulatory facets of renewable energy projects throughout the East African region. Established in 2012, we have forged a stellar reputation for delivering a multifaceted suite of services, drawing from a network of experts with decades of experience in the renewable industry, to offer innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. Our clients include private companies, international developers, and international development organizations including the World Bank. Through our sister company “Africa Grant Advisors” (AGA), we also provide a complete suite of fundraising, project development, financial advisory, and resource mobilization consultancy services.

We see that Africa represents a fantastic investment opportunity. Africa’s economic pulse is accelerating; the continent is one of the fastest-growing economic regions in the world, and industrialization and a growing middle-class are spurring unprecedented investments into the infrastructure and energy sectors. We aim to promote international investment into East African renewable energy, allowing investors to access high return markets whilst benefiting from the relative security of infrastructure projects.

Do you have a project you want to develop with us?

Our goal and expertise

Is to make working and investing in the East African region easier and more profitable for our clients. We undertake our work to the highest standards, ensuring that we meet our clients’ needs transparently and professionally. For any renewable resource, EVA provides a wide range of services to meet all your consulting needs under one roof. Our extensive global partner network allows us to provide the best value to our clients by

  1. Offering a wide range of technical services
  2. Working flexibly on smaller or larger projects
  3. Working to the highest international best practice standards

Our expertise includes:

  1. Complete renewables planning and implementation i.e., site investigation, planning and approvals, environmental management, community engagement, and engineering.
  2. Developing renewable energy projects at scales encompassing rural electrification, commercial/industrial, up to grid-connected utility-scale.
  3. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions.
Energio Verda takes a transparent and practical approach to our work. Our goal is to make working and investing in the region easier and more profitable for our clients.