Why invest?

Africa is rising. Seven out of ten of the world’s fastest growing economies are in Africa. The IMF predicts that over the coming decade no continent will grow faster. Capital flows to Africa exceed those of Brazil, India, and Russia, and rates of return on foreign investment are higher than in any other developing region in the world.

A bright future

The East African Community is one of the most promising regions in Africa. In 2010 it launched its own common market for goods, labour and capital within the region, and ultimately it aims to establish a common currency and full political federation. This integration effort is a key driver of political stability and further economic reforms.

Strong economic growth results in exponential growth in energy demand. The high cost of electricity generated from fossil fuels combined with the region's abundant renewable energy sources leads to great investment opportunities in renewable electricity generating projects.

Tanzania has a particularly bright future. In the coming years the power sector will expand quickly, with a strong positive impact on the economy. Tanzania hopes to grow into a middle-income country by 2025, and a strong energy policy - including wide uptake of renewable energy technologies - is seen as a cornerstone in this transformation.

Recent huge discoveries of substantial gas and coal reserves have drawn the government’s attention to Tanzania’s energy resources. Growing confidence in Tanzania's energy sector is encouraging the government to take measurable steps towards harnessing its renewable energy potential.

Further, there is a massive flow of investment coming into the power sector, particularly Foreign Direct Investment inflow, for the expansion and upgrading of infrastructure. Barack Obama's visit to Tanzania in July 2013, and the launching of the Power Africa Initiative mark the start of the resurgence of investment interest in East African power infrastructure. Tanzania has become a focal point for international investors, thanks to its political stability and relatively low investment risks.

Finally, a new team of committed and determined government officials has been appointed at the Ministry of Energy and Minerals. They are leading the ministry with strong entrepreneurial skills and enthusiasm, blowing a wind of change through the energy investment landscape. Likewise, a new team took over leadership of TANESCO, the national utility company. TANESCO is also being supported by donors and international institutions to overcome its management challenges.

Why Energio Verda

Energio Verda has been present in Tanzania since 2011 Based in Dar es Salaam, we have a long track record of identifying areas with high development potential, acquiring land, and navigating the licensing and permitting aspects of project development. The projects we develop offer sound financial returns in tandem with large positive development impacts.