We work with international partners to develop a broad pipeline of projects across Tanzania. Covering mini-grid installations through to 10MW and above grid-connected projects, we draw on our extensive experience within Tanzania to efficiently progress projects towards construction.

As a local partner, we have particular expertise in site identification, local government and stakeholder relations, and the permitting processes essential to successfully developing projects in Tanzania. Our GIS database enables us to identify, at both country- and local-scales, promising sites and potential risks for projects.

We are always interested to hear from potential partners.

Solar PV

Located in the world’s solar belt, Tanzania has a very favourable solar resource, with consistently high irradiation across the country. The modularity of solar PV makes it ideal for electricity generation at all scales, from distributed systems to utility-scale projects.

  • 1-10MW grid-connected projects under development currently; see below for more details on Mpanda, one of our more advanced projects
  • Strategic assistance on a large solar home system distribution scheme in some of Tanzania’s most remote rural areas
Global Horizontal Irridiation Africa

We are developing a 1MWp isolated grid-connected solar photovoltaic plant in Mpanda, the administrative capital of the Katavi region in western Tanzania. Electricity in Mpanda is currently generated by expensive and highly polluting diesel generators. The project aims to partially replace the diesel generation with solar PV, providing electricity that is more reliable, more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. It will be the first solar PV project of its kind and size in Tanzania.

The project will commence operations in mid-2016.

Tanzania map


Tanzania has strong wind resources in its upland areas and along the Rift Valley, which runs across the country. Whilst there are no utility-scale projects in operation yet, the potential for wind in Tanzania is significant.

  • Early-stage development for a large wind farm project
  • Lead local partner on a resource study for the potential for large wind farm development across Tanzania
Assembling MET mast


Tanzania already has over 550MW of hydropower generation in operation. Smaller scale (1-20MW) hydro power has strong potential however to feed localised grids and improve power quality in the national grid.

  • Lead local partner on a feasibility study for the potential for hydropower development across Tanzania
Hydro penstocks