Mission & Vision



Our goal is to transform East Africa’s renewable resource potential into clean, sustainable and accessible energy. We are committed to the idea that renewable energy can and should empower and enrich communities and whole economies. We do this by developing renewable energy projects to the highest international standards, and by delivering to our consulting clients in-depth and up-to-date insights in order to maximise their potential impacts in the region.



We believe in the potential of Africa and in the importance of affordable and reliable energy as a major development driver. Many African countries still grapple with huge power shortages and unmet energy demand is continuously growing. We want to become a major player within the renewable energy sector in the East African Community, generating substantial socioeconomic and environmental change by tapping into the region’s abundant renewable resources.

We see that Africa represents a fantastic investment opportunity. Africa’s economic pulse is accelerating; the continent is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world, and industrialisation and a growing middle-class are spurring unprecedented investments into the infrastructure and energy sectors. We aim to promote international investment into East African renewable energy, allowing investors to access high return markets whilst benefitting from the relative security of infrastructure projects.