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  • About us

    Energio Verda is a renewable energy project developer and consultant specialising in East African markets.


  • Projects

    We are currently involved in developing a pipeline of solar PV and wind projects. Energio Verda develops in partnership with international development companies.


  • Consultancy & GIS

    We provide renewable energy consultancy, project development services and GIS services to clients in sectors including rural electrification, utility power, agriculture and municipal land use. We work across Sub-Saharan Africa, with particular focus in East Africa.


Contact US

contact us

Energio Verda Africa
P.O. Box 10560
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

phone +255 754 588 242

Welcome to Energio Verda

Energio Verda believes that renewable energy is a driving force for economic, social and environmental change. East Africa has an abundance of renewable energy resources, and tapping these will bring enormous development benefits.

Now is a pivotal moment for energy in East Africa. As the price of renewable energy continues to fall, its ability to provide clean, reliable and distributed power makes it a vital component of the power mix.

Based in Tanzania and active since 2012, Energio Verda is committed to advancing the uptake of renewable energy at all scales. As well as developing its own projects, Energio Verda offers a wide range of consulting services, including GIS, site searching, land acquisition and assisting in international development partnerships.